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When you send us a query through our website, the particulars you provide through the form, will be sent to us. Additionally, if you use a form on our website, your IP address will be recorded.

Use of Personal Information

If your query was a legitimate one (i.e not spam or a scam), your provided data will only be used to help answer your query, and will not be shared with other parties, except where necessary to answer your query.

Your IP address will remain private, unless the query was spam, a scam, or a hacking attempt. In that event, your IP address, along with any other information you provided willingly, may be provided to your website host, ISP, and/or the relevant authorities.


Additionally we, like most websites, use Google Analytics to gather statistical data about your visit. Google Analytics does not tell us who you are, but it does create cookies that track your movements on our site. It tells us what area you are accessing the site from, how you entered our site (example from Google Search), what browser you used, what pages you visited on our site, and how long you stayed on said pages. It does not give us personally identifiable information. The information it does give us is simply used to streamline our website. We may analyse the data to see what and where we can optimize. You can read Google's cookie information here.

We also use a facebook widget that enables you to 'like' our Facebook page from the footer of this site. You can read facebook's cookie information here.


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